Let's kick things off with a simple poem idea that i and the rest of my class stole from another poet. It's basically a Weird Al parody of the original, but it will give you a pretty clear understanding of who I am. 

I’m from a desk surrounded by comic book paraphernalia.
From a Blue Yeti microphone and a Volvo S40
I’m from a quiet suburb just north of the city
Invisible walls and a connecting bathroom
I’m from the two windows whose blinds are closed until the sun decides to shine again.

I’m from back alleys where men of ill intent lie in wait
Only to be foiled by masked adventurers
I’m from page after frustrated page of bad ideas
Just hoping that the few good ones don’t fail me now
I’m from a Sony Handycam which bears the brunt of my riffs, quips and even rage
I’m from small and big screen where I one day hope to rub shoulders with Bond and Batman
I’m from reels of film that loop forever and ever and ever
And a stack of paperbacks that never seems to end.

I’m from a slightly uncomfortable seat in a gymnasium
Where a man in a suit says things that make me less comfortable
I’m from a family that’s always around
Whether I want them there or not
I’m from a home cooked meal at a table with loved ones
Or a table at Cookout, a true center of society
I’m from jokes, unfunny and funny
At mine or someone else’s expense
I’m from movie quotes and inside jokes
From *knock, knock, knock* Penny? And Erie, PA
I’ve spent my entire life here
Maybe it’s time to get out and move on
It’s where I’m from though.

The following text was taken directly from my writing  journal. It talks about why I prefer the city to the country. 
"I'd take the city over the country any day. I like being close to everything. I like to be in the middle of the excitement. In the city, you can get to something fun without even getting in your car. I'd love to be able to walk to dinner and then to a movie or to see a band. Everything you need is within easy access and you're never bored. That's why I prefer the city." 

Here's a short little piece I did on my personal view of "tolerance." This is little more than a glorified journal entry, but it does give you a look into my mind politically. 

As Inego Montoya once said, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” When I think of tolerance I think of peaceful coexistence with various people of different backgrounds. I suppose that was the intention too, but that’s not what we ended up with. I lump people who preach “tolerance” in with the people who preach “equal rights.” All they’re doing is trading one inequality for an even greater inequality of another kind. When liberals say tolerance, what they mean is unconditional surrender to ideals you may or may not agree with. In the free market it means not hiring the people who are necessarily the best candidates for the job, but hiring to fulfill quotas in the name of “diversity.” It also means equality of outcome which means that no matter whether you worked for it or not, everybody wins in the end.
In parts of France and even in Michigan, Sharia Law is practiced instead of federal law all in the name of “tolerance.” When you adhere to this kind of tolerance a lot of important things go away. Religious freedom goes away because we are forced to believe that everyone is equally right, limiting us to one religion, universalism. Equal rights goes away because those who seek tolerance don’t want to do away with injustice, they just want to shift its direction. Universal morality goes away and is replaced by the mentality that whatever you say is right is right and whatever you say is wrong is wrong. Relative morality all falls apart when you have to deal with little issues like murder and stealing though. This I believe: true tolerance is that all men are created equal by God and are endowed with certain unalienable rights which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.    

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